Language skills to meet the challenge of the global marketplace

BULATS was developed and is jointly run by Cambridge ESOL, the Alliance Française (France), Goethe-Institute (Germany) and the Universidad de Salamanca (Spain) in more than 30 countries.

BULATS is a system of tests and courses designed specifically for assessing language ability for the workplace. It can help you stay ahead of your competition and gain a competitive edge by improving your organisation's communication – both to internal and external audiences.

There are three elements to the BULATS Service – benchmarking, preparation courses and testing:


assesses language skills needed in real business situations.

tests all four language skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing – but is flexible enough to let you test only the skills you need.

is available in English, French, German and Spanish.

BULATS provides a range of tests to meet different needs:

Computer-based tests – fast and accurate language assessment

BULATS Online Reading and Listening test - a fast, accurate computer-based test of listening and reading skills online

BULATS Online Speaking test – a test of speaking skills onlineS

BULATS Online Writing test – a test of writing skills online

BULATS CD-ROM Reading and Listening test - a fast, accurate computer-based test of listening and reading skills via a CD-ROM

Paper-based and face-to-face tests – flexible, accurate and convenient language assessment

The Standard Test - a paper-based version of the computer-based reading and listening test

The Speaking Test - an evaluation of speaking skills in a business context

The Writing Test - an evaluation of writing skills in a business context

You can combine the tests to assess all four language skills, or they can be used in various combinations – or each test can be used independently. BULATS' total flexibility allows you to adapt it for different situations.

All the tests are relevant to people using the language at work. They cover subjects such as descriptions of jobs, companies and products, travel, management and marketing, customer service, planning, reports, phone messages, business correspondence and presentations.

The tasks in the tests are practical ones, e.g. taking a phone message, checking a letter, giving a presentation, understanding an article, writing a report.

BULATS Preparation Courses:
Designed to provide you with a flexible and engaging learning experience to help you get the most out of your BULATS test.

BULATS Benchmarking:
A benchmarking project is a programme of language assessment across a department, company, organisation, region or country.

It establishes benchmarks – standards about what levels of language ability are required for different jobs.

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